workplace incentive management

The strategic use of incentives is essential to bring together wellness initiatives and encourage active participation. InHealth Rewards™ is a platform used to track participant activity and eligibility, while encompassing an array of wellness activities that can be tied to virtually any employee incentive program.
Interra Health will help design, implement, track, and report program status to the employer. Real-time status reporting is also available to participants through their InHealth Dashboard™.
With InHealth Rewards, companies can choose from participatory or health-contingent models. Health contingent program models also include the management of Reasonable Alternative Standards to ensure legal compliance according to HIPAA program standards.
Reasonable Alternative Standards
•  Alternatives may Include: health coaching, biometric improvement, approved wellness activities,
    additional customized options available
•  Alternative standards management and tracking provided by Interra Health
•  Status reporting is provided to accurately track incentive achievement for employers and employees
•  Participants can track their individual incentive status in the InHealth Dashboard.