workplace wellness programs

InHealth Dashboard™
Wellness programs often have several components, so Interra Health puts all the participant's information in one, convenient place.  The InHealth Dashboard provides secure access to several tools, such as:  appointment scheduling, incentive tracking, reports, program documentation, and a variety of resources including the Interra Health blog and newsletters.

InHealth Scheduling™
We understand the logistics and difficulties associated with scheduling appointments. InHealth Scheduling offers an easy solution by providing participants with online and telephonic scheduling options. To help maximize participation, Interra Health provides email confirmations and appointment reminders to our participants.
InHealth News™
Provide a fun and convenient way to educate participants and increase awareness using our electronic newsletter. Newsletters can be coupled with an electronic quiz that will automatically integrate with InHealth Rewards™.
Interra Health is an independent health care company, and information collected by us is confidential. Data obtained by Interra Health during a wellness program or as part of an onsite clinic visit is the property of Interra Health and cannot be viewed by others without written permission of the participant or patient unless permitted by law.