Health Coaching

workplace wellness coaching

Health Coaching is a process that facilitates positive lifestyle change by providing clarity and insight, helping people transform their goals into actions. Coaching can take place onsite, telephonically, or using a combination of both. Each client's workplace health coaching program is monitored for utilization to ensure appropriate participation.
Interra Health's approach is to combine science-based evidence, relationship building, and real-life application to create healthier, happier people. We empower people to make sustainable changes by guiding them through the process of realizing their health vision.
Our health coaches address the whole person in a style that is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of each individual, but structured enough to achieve measurable results.
Coaching sessions will cover:
•  Custom goal setting and action plans
•  Focus on achieving a "wellness vision"
•  Creating self-awareness to break down the barriers preventing good health