Employer Health Clinic

employer health clinic

InHealth Onsite Clinics

Turn health care costs into a strategic advantage.

Interra Health has designed an employer-based program that integrates primary care, preventive care, chiropractic, occupational health, pharmacy, laboratory, and wellness services into a single, onsite healthcare model. We can easily integrate other services, such as employee assistance and case management programs, into the overall structure of any employer onsite clinic.

We bring together three important elements for an effective health management program: employers, employees (with their spouses and dependents) and healthcare providers. By connecting these stakeholders, and using a clear communication system, our integrated health management program is efficient, proactive and measurably beneficial to everyone involved. Our comprehensive corporate health clinic program simplifies what could be a complicated undertaking.
Interra Health's programs are designed to meet each organization’s needs efficiently. We look at the upcoming year and future needs to include the “big picture” and a plan for long-term success when designing a health management program.

Our Onsite Clinic Services

Why an near-site or onsite clinic?
•  Become an employer of choice by offering a highly sought
    after benefit
•  Lower the cost of care while improving access and quality
•  Take care of employees and their family members
•  Immediately reduce employee absenteeism and time away
    from work
•  Make a direct impact on group health and workers'
   compensation costs

How much does a corporate health clinic cost?
Fees are billed as a flat monthly rate and include all staff, management, equipment, technology and supplies.  Fee-for-service billing is available.

Fees are determined during the design process and are dependent on:
•  The number and type of providers used
•  Operating hours of the clinic
•  Services provided
•  Location and/or size of the clinic