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Interra Health Team
Derek Boyce Interra Health

Derek Boyce

Wellness Mission

If we can inspire improvements here, we can also help improve the lives of the people we work with and their families

I am proud of...

our team and their hard work. They are the reason we continue to grow

Leadership Team
Ryan Sommers Interra Health

Ryan Sommers

Wellness Mission

To help people get started on the right path and to inspire action for the long term

I'm grateful for...

a hardworking, caring team of Interranauts and their desire to help others

Leadership Team
Dana Skinner Interra Health

Dana Skinner

Wellness Mission

To continue to challenge myself and serve as a healthy role model for my family

I am proud to be part of...

an energetic organization that inspires people to be healthy

Leadership Team
Lee Wnuk Interra Health

Lee Wnuk

Wellness Mission

To help others achieve their optimal health through a holistic approach

I'm grateful for...

being able to work alongside others who are passionate about wellness

Finance Team
Kyle Hansen Interra Health

Kyle Hansen, MD

Wellness Mission

To create innovative wellness solutions that promote a higher quality of living and a healthier future

I'm grateful for...

the ability to work with people and have a positive impact on their lives

Medical Team
Carl Veenendaal Interra Health

Carl Veenendaal

Wellness Mission

My motivation comes from the belief that with the right tools, anyone can be in a complete state of physical and mental well-being

I just discovered...

Dash Smart Earphones. They track your steps, distance, and heart rate

Client Services Team
Raheel Khawaja Interra Health

Raheel Khawaja

Wellness Mission

Improve my quality of life physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially

What I love about my line of work...

working in the latest technology to develop new products for our industry

Technology Team