Our Philosophy

Interra Health Wellness and Onsite Clinic Programs

Interra Health inspires healthy living within individuals to drive movement across organizations.

In today’s hectic work environments — our wellness programs, onsite clinics and engagement strategies put a healthy life within reach.

Health and wellness has always been a part of us. We have a lot of ideas and we’re called to the healthcare industry. We are excited to be a part of something that helps others, and in turn, we are inspired to be healthier... Most importantly, we believe in what we do.

We are in business because we believe in wellness; it's good for people and it's great for a company's bottom line. Wellness is about helping people understand their own health and giving them the tools and support to make positive changes in their lives. Our insights, expertise, passion, and proactive approach set us apart from others in the industry.
If it's done right, wellness can go beyond a program and become part of a company's culture. We know because it's how we run our own company. We've created our own healthy workplace, and we're living proof that a culture of wellness pays valuable dividends.